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By Lloyds Case, May 31 2018 09:17AM

The Guardian

18 May 2018

Lloyds Banking Group is facing the prospect of a shareholder rebellion after giving its chief executive, António Horta Osório, a pay packet that is nearly 100 times larger than the average worker’s at the bank.

The advisory group Institutional Shareholders Services (ISS) has recommended a vote against the bank’s remuneration report at the annual general meeting on 24 May, highlighting discrepancies between “pay and relative performance”.

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By Lloyds Case, Jan 8 2018 05:17PM

The Financial Times

Jane Croft

14 December 2017

Sir Hector Sants, who led the UK financial regulator during the 2008 crisis, told the High Court that Lloyds was not pressured into rescuing HBOS, as he defended a decision to impose tougher capital requirements on the bank if it backed out of the deal.

Sir Hector said the now defunct Financial Services Authority was “supportive” of the HBOS deal as the only other alternative was some form of nationalisation “like an RBS-style solution”.

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By Lloyds Case, Jan 8 2018 05:15PM

The Telegraph

Iain Withers

29 November 2017

Lloyds’s takeover of ailing banking giant HBOS in the teeth of the financial crisis almost unravelled within days and felt “like two ocean liners about to collide”, the former chair of Lloyds has told the High Court.

Sir Victor Blank was giving evidence in an ongoing case brought by close to 6,000 shareholders suing Lloyds and key ex-bosses for more than £600m in compensation as they argue they were misled about HBOS’s dire financial situation.

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By Lloyds Case, Jan 8 2018 05:12PM

BBC News

29 November 2017

The former Lloyds chairman made an urgent call to the Prime Minister at the height of the financial crisis to save the bank's deal to buy HBOS.

Sir Victor Blank said he called Gordon Brown to warn that the banking sector was at risk if the deal failed.

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By Lloyds Case, Jan 8 2018 05:09PM

The Financial Times

Jane Croft

27 November 2017

A former Lloyds director who wrote a note saying there was “no value left in HBOS” at the height of the 2008 banking crisis has denied his “jottings” meant that the bank was worthless.

Archie Kane, who was insurance director of Lloyds and is now governor of the Bank of Ireland, was giving evidence in the High Court in London about handwritten notes he made in October 2008 after the agreed takeover of HBOS.

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